Are you ready to say GOODBYE to hair loss?

What if you could jumpstart your hair growth in 30 days or less?


Imagine not worrying about...

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   Thinning Hair 

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   Shedding Hair

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   Brittle Hair

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   Dull Hair


The PROBLEM is...

Conventional Hair Loss Treatments can be 

AS Devastating as Losing Your Hair




The multi-billion dollar hair industry is NOT regulated so they capitalize $ on the vague definitions of "hair loss" and "hair growth" with untruthful and unsupported claims that misrepresent their products and procedures...

This Leaves Most Women Feeling:

  • FRUSTRATED trying pills, topicals or shampoos with ZERO results
  • CONFUSED about the causes of hair loss
  • UNSURE if a product found online helps or a scam
  • TRAPPED between choosing hair health ... or medication with side effects
  • OVERWHELMED by hair loss information
  • EXHAUSTED by conflicting advice

Is This You?


This type of manipulation is happening more frequently than ever before. 

IT’S WRONG. It’s NOT your fault. AND giving false hope.


Miracle Cures and Quick Fixes Do Not

 Work Long-Term. Ever 


I Get It, I've Been There Myself! 

Spending thousands on hair products, procedures and such that didn't help.

Day after day, I stood in front of the mirror, feeling hopeless, embarrassed, and frustrated, as I watched my hair thin...

Falling out in clumps on my pillow, clogging the shower drain and falling here-there-and-everywhere! 

  • Running out of ways to style my hair to cover up bald spots. 
  • Feelings of insecurity that lead to avoiding intimacy with my loved one. 
  • Being DISMISSED from multiple practitioners and being told over and over there was NOTHING I could do to grow back my hair, naturally. 
  • Fearing I would continue to lose more hair. 
  • Afraid of having to take lifelong medications or continuing to try expensive procedures or products!

BUT I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to figure it out. 


So I quit my corporate job and went back to school to study nutrition and functional medicine. I was hooked and driven as I dove headfirst to find ANSWERS.


It took years of reading and research, trial and error, consulting with experts, and thousand of dollars...




Guess what?... I discovered the missing PUZZLE pieces that connected the dots between inflammation, hormones, gut health, and stress… 
and I naturally, grew back my hair which revitalized my heath!


So turned the lessons from my struggle into a passion for serving others.


Fast forward to today, with over a decade of experience and success stories, along with extensive training and four certifications in functional medicine and nutrition, not only have I transformed my health ...


But I’ve now dedicated my life to helping women worldwide with all types of hair loss - thinning, alopecia, androgenic, autoimmune, shedding (it doesn't matter the diagnosis), rise above the confusion to gain clarity and confidence that growing IS possible...


If this sounds like you, I want you to know there is hope. I reversed my hair loss naturally, which revitalized my health, and I can show you how to do the same.


There are Over 50+ Causes of Female Hair Loss and it's Complicated


The Hair Loss Matrix


Besides hair thinning, do you have any symptoms of...

  • Extra Weight ☑️
  • Chronic Health Issues ☑️
  • Lethargy ☑️
  • Poor Sleep ☑️
  • Belly Bloat ☑️
  • Irritability ☑️ 
  • Skin Issues ☑️
  • Chronic Pain ☑️
  • Brain Fog ☑️

All of these symptoms are signs linked to your hair loss AND your body’s way of telling you it’s time for a change. 


Introducing the HealthyHairFix™


This program is designed to get to the underlying "root" (pun intended) of WHY you losing hair - to FIX, grow & revitalize your health & hair!







WHY is the HealthyHairFix™ is called...

"A Whole New Approach"?

Like other health challenges there are so many protocols, promises, labs, dietary, nutritional and supplement plans on the internet that (all this information) can be overwhelming and paralyzing! 


This is why I created the HealthyHairFix™ program to figure out what is personally best for you...


...because it the ONLY exclusive and tailored female hair loss program that incorporates personalized and functional laboratory analysis, detective work, functional medicine and nutrition, plus more!


Our program will provide you with actionable steps to FIX, support and rebalance your metabolic, hormonal, inflammatory, digestive, immune, and nervous systems TO GROW healthy hair once again which will revitalize your health!

Say Hello to a Happier, Healthier YOU

Client Success Stories, YOU Can Be Next!

Meet Ivana, both Sarah's, Julia, Chandra, Jessica and others.  See "Before and After" photos of the HealthyHairFix™ program. They're not just clients, they're living proof this works!


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“In just a few months of finishing Julie's program, my healthy hair is back, I lost weight, my skin cleared and my friends have noticed!"
~ Ivana R


Customer Image

“I tried for years to stop my hair from falling out, along with my my bloating and fatigue. Fortunately, Julie was able to successfully find my root causes. Now my hair is back and so is my health!"
~ Sarah M

Customer Image


My alopecia spots are gone! I'm so relieved and grateful to Julie for her patience, guidance, and knowledge. And now I know what to do so I feel like they will not come back."   ~ Chandra K 


Customer Image

“Julie has helped me finally zero on what is causing my hair loss and I've seen such an improvement in only 3 months! If you want results it just makes sense to work with the best."
~ Sarah D


“The results I got working with Julie are AMAZING! I no longer dread taking a shower (no more massive amounts of hair in the drain) and I now look forward to girls' night out without trying to cover up my bald spot!"
~ Jessica L



Other practitioners told me there was nothing I could do about my hair thinning. Through Julie's program with functional labs, she figured out what was out of balance in my body to stop my hair thinning!"
~ Julia D


Are you losing 100+ hairs a day?


(approximately 100 hairs)


Then DO NOT wait!



If you wait too long it can progress to scarring of the scalp hair follicles... 

Then it is too late!

That's because this scarring makes it nearly impossible to reverse the damage done to hair follicles and regrow hair.


Especially when it comes to the health of your body and controller of healthy hair growth —your gut. 


You heard right—if your gut health is unhealthy, every organ in your body is going to be out of balance - especially your hair!


You might be wondering if this program will work for you…why is gut support necessary when you’re dealing with a hair loss condition?


How could the solution to your hair loss start with your gut? 

  • That's because good health starts in the gut - it regulates:
    •  our hormones ...
    • our brain to growth ...
    • repair of cells and tissues ...
    • including our scalp and hair follicles.


The truth is that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to your gut either! But, the health of your gut will make or break the health of YOU and your hair.


So WHAT Can You Do?   

Get to the ROOT CAUSES of Hair Loss 


To address and avoid what triggers are currently HARMING YOUR body, gut & HAIR... 


Then learn how to avoid them so you can be the healthiest version of you that leads to full, healthy lustrious hair!

You may be shocked to learn that even if you're eating healthy...


Your scalp and hair  follicles are probably not getting the nutrients they need!


How is this possible?

Because there are 3 LAYERS to ensure your scalp and hair  follicles are getting the nourishment they need to be healthy and grow...



It's necessary to consume the RIGHT nutrients in the right amounts (most don't)




 Your body needs to actually ABSORB nutrients (often times this is impaired or damaged)



Nutrients MUST make it to the scalp cellular and follicle level on a regular basis


All 3 of those MUST line up

And if they don’t, your hair will be starving for nutrients it desperately needs ...


Hear what clients have to say about the HealthyHairFix™ YOU Can Be Next!

Meet Chris, Stephanie, Jennifer, Lorraine, and Robin. They especially loved the labs!


Get Your Body and Hair Back to Say Hello to a Happier, Healthier YOU


So Let’s Do This. Together.

This is Not Just Another Program or Course 
It's A Foundation 

to Get Your Body, Hair and Life Back!

You’re about to embark on a life-changing experience because you’ll ditch the “miracle cure mentality” forever and begin long-lasting self-care that promotes healthy, vibrant hair.


The HealthyHairFix™ program finds missing puzzle pieces that connect the dots, root causes and intricate links between inflammation, hormones, nutrition, stress and what grows hair. 


***NOTE: If you have scarring of the scalp hair follicles or don't want to follow our guidance every step of the way, this program is not for you.


If you follow this program it guarantees results AND also takes the headache out of “What should I eat today?”


It’s time to get your hair, your gut, your body, and your life back.


So take the first step


Start Your Health & Hair Growth Journey Today!


HealthyHairFix 30-Day Foundations



  • 30 Day Program Intensive
  • 4 In-Depth Audio & Visual Modules walking you through the steps, program and process
  • 4 Weeks of Hair Health Meal Plans, Recipes, & Shopping Lists to take the guesswork out of eating right for health & hair
  • Downloadable Guides, Worksheets, Assessments & Resources with Action Steps
  • Limited Supplement Recommendations
  • 10% off all Supplements (lifetime discount)

 Terms & Conditions

The HealthyHairFix™ Foundations program is the 1st step, a foundation, in the HealthyHairFix™ program. 

The 2nd step is HealthyHairFix™ Essentials, which includes 3 functional laboratory tests that are hand-picked according to your type of hair loss, history, story and prior lab results. We strongly encourage those that have purchased the HealthyHairFix™ Foundations to work with me 1-on-1 and get the lab testing by continuing with the purchase of HealthyHairFix™ Essentials TODAY. Upgrade to live personal support with me and my team of experts and 1-on-1 functional lab testing (3 included) in the HealthyHairFix™ Essentials program. Upgrading is optional.